FLEXIBLE DUCT HOSES  An extensive range of quality flexible ducting products. Material handling, clean room environments, fume control, welding, exhaust, agriculture, cable conduit as well as many custom OEM applications. Using advanced plastics technology; extruded thermo-plastic duct and hose products offer superior flexibility, high temperature, chemical and abrasion resistance.  General, medium and heavy duty service duct, utility food grade duct.

PVC Flexible Duct Hoses
PU Food Grad Duct Hoses
PU Spring Flexible Duct Hoses
Fabric Air Flexible Duct Hoses
High Temperatre Silicone Flexible Duct Hoses
Nepprene Flexible Duct Hoses
Tapolin Fabric Air Flexible Duct Hoses
Aluminium Foil Air Flexible Duct Hoses
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